Corporate Profile

Mobi Direct (Pvt.) Limited is a Special Purpose Vehicle formed with the help of select group of professionals having expertise in diversified businesses, for the assistance and development of financial network in rural economy.

Pakistan is among the very few countries that has one of the largest unbanked and underserved population, despite a strong banking presence, a sizeable portion of economic activity remains outside banking and financial network, keeping the benefits from reach of the common man.

We are rising to the challenge, to rapidly build an ecosystem that is both commercially viable and economically resilient, allowing various stakeholders to capitalize this opportunity. The entity is leveraging on Mobile Technology to expand reach and connectivity, using existing retail and distribution network for creating presence and adding public and private enterprises to this network to find the right balance between welfare, profit and access to continence.

Mobi Direct a pioneering company in this field, is also fulfilling the gap of Third Party Service Provider (TPSP) envisaged under Branchless Banking Regulations, and have taken this initiative to bring together group of Experts, Professionals and Practitioners , who have deep insight, of National Economy, Banking, Payment Systems and Banking Technologies, Telecom Engineering, Rural and Urban Poor Insight, Finance and Management and more than anything on ground Experience and Expertise of undertaking and executing Projects of National and Commercial Importance.

Experience & Expertise of "Technical Advisory Board":

  1. Experts with Views on Regulatory considerations and driving results through its Policy Implementation.
  2. Banking & Telecom Technology acquisition Integration and Implementation.
  3. Establish running and restructuring Large Telecom Companies in Multiple Regions.
  4. Large Private & Public Sector Enterprise Operational & Management Expertise.
  5. Expertise on Payment Instruments, International Remittances and Payment Business Technologies.
  6. International Advisory experience for Retail Banking and Payment Product.
  7. Investment Advisory and Risk Management Experience from fortune 500 Cos.
  8. Expert Level view and understanding of Rural and national Economy.
  9. In-depth Understanding of Public Finance Issues and Financial management in dealing with public sector enterprises.
  10. Experience and Expertise of Core Telecom Switching.
  11. Establishing and Management of National Payment System
  12. Successful Program Development & Project Management Expertise.

Core Business Areas

Our strategy is to acquire, develop, maintain and lead, Independent Shared Network, for the Banking and Financial Service Industry, as a non exclusive partner, and to become a preferred choice of consumers of all segments.

The Network to leverage Mobile, Internet and other Payment Technologies, and allow Telecom Partners to Integrate with the setup, and benefit from lowest cost of access to agents and consumers, for enhanced RPU, reduced Churn, and lower Cash Management Cost. The four main areas of businesses are :

  1. Digital Payments though Current & Innovative Banking Instruments
  2. Super Agent for International Franchises, Distributers and Branchless Banking Distribution Network.
  3. Integration of Independent Shared Network and Interoperable Infrastructure for Banking & Telecom Industry
  4. Extending Third party Acquiring Network for Physical & Internet Space.